5 Pets with strange and amazing markings


1. Kitten with perfect heart shape on face

2. A little puppy with a heart shape on skin

3. Kitten with natural moustaches 

4. Kitten with a natural heart shape on back

5.Adorable puppies with amazing markings

6. Cat markings on a cat



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Klingelegirl said...

Your first image of the cat w/ heart shaped face is great, BUT, what MY EYES saw first and formost was the OWLISH LOOK to this cats face, I THOUGHT, oh my what a trickster!
Like all the little ones with heart shapes on their little bodies, so cute. found the mama dog w/ her two pups w/hearts quite incredible.
Little kitty with the fun markings on nose, very sweet w/BIG eyes.
Ms. or Mr. MOUSTASHIO, purrfection.
MY FAVORITE?? CAT ON CAT, now that quite TAKES THE CAKE!! 3 thumbs up! Thanks for the smiles...


These are some great pics and the markings awesome, I hope all are real ,the cat with owl markings is my fav

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