3 reason that can cause a dog to eat grass


Have you ever wondered why a dog eats grass sometimes? It might be like he just woke up from a nap and went to lawn and took a big chomp of grass without any reason. Actually there's no set time a dog decides to eat grass. But why do they eat grass? They are not herbivores then what is the reason behind this? So here are 3 major reasons which can cause your dog to eat grass.

Reason #03

Grass Tastes Good

Another theory, and probably with a good amount of truth, is that some dogs just like to eat grass. Some will just get bored laying down and start chewing away. They typically are not taking down the big gulps of the dogs with the gastric upset, but they’ll certainly eat as much, if not more. You might even find that your dog prefers certain types of grass over others. Dogs like to eat, and they evolved to eat a variety of different foods offered to them. Grass may have been a part of that diet at one particular time.
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