5 Terrifying facts about Professional Dog Breeding



Show Dogs Can’t Be Spayed Or Neutered

The American Kennel Club (AKC), a pedigree registry in the United States, is also in charge of putting on the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show that you can see every year on TV. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your dog and wanting to show him or her off to the world—that’s downright adorable. The problem is that when it comes to shows like this, being proud of your dog is not what it’s all about.

According to the AKC website itself: “Spayed or neutered dogs are not eligible to compete in conformation classes at a dog show, because the purpose of a dog show is to evaluate breeding stock.” Now, putting aside how cold and clinical that description sounds, the issue is that this policy encourages overbreeding. “Keep making puppies until you find one that’s perfect,” is basically what the message is—and it adds to the rampant overpopulation discussed in the last entry.


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