5 Terrifying facts about Professional Dog Breeding


Fact #03

Inbreeding Leads To Genetic Disorders

The act of incest is actually illegal in many parts of the world, and punished severely (with up to a life sentence in prison, depending on where you are). This can include consensual sex not resulting in a pregnancy—despite pregnancy being the justification behind prohibiting incest in the first place. So incest is certainly taken rather seriously when it comes to human beings, because it can lead to things like Joffrey Baratheon.

When it comes to dogs, however, inbreeding is actually encouraged. It’s easy to mate two dogs with good DNA when they share most of it. And while this might give the offspring a desired trait (at least in appearance), it also increases the chances of giving the offspring an easily avoidable genetic defect. For example, deafness is common in Dalmatians, and heart disease is a big problem for Boxers.

The problem of inbreeding is widespread, thanks to pedigree registries (like the AKC) that limit registration to small populations of “purebred” dogs. And they are indeed pure; a recent study showed that a population of twenty thousand Boxers had the genetic variance of a population of seventy.


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