Top 5 Hidden dangers for your dog you never knew


Every dog owner must be aware of few things which can be very dangerous for their dog. There are some common dangers which most of us know like not leaving the dog in the hot car, refreshing their water, keeping a look at the thing they eat, etc. But their are few things which most of us don't know. 5 most common of these things have been listed below.



It is a surprising fact but dogs were not born with the ability to do the dog paddle, they actually have to learn to swim.

A dog that falls into a pool or other body of water, without knowing how to swim can drown if help is not around. The other thing to keep in mind is to teach your dog how to get out of the pool on its own. If you are not around and your dog can’t get out of the pool on its own, there is a risk that the dog can get overtired and drown from exhaustion. It might be wise to consider a dog ramp if there are no steps as a means of getting out.
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