Top 5 Hidden dangers for your dog you never knew


Every dog owner must be aware of few things which can be very dangerous for their dog. There are some common dangers which most of us know like not leaving the dog in the hot car, refreshing their water, keeping a look at the thing they eat, etc. But their are few things which most of us don't know. 5 most common of these things have been listed below.



Dogs have an inquisitive nature and since they don’t have hands to check things out with they use their mouths. All these items should be kept off the floor and in a cabinet with doors. Pool chemicals, anti-freeze, windshield washer fluid, weed killer, fertilizers and poisons. If you spray your lawn with any chemicals, be sure to keep your dog off it until it dries. If your dog does get on the lawn, wash its paws with a dish washing detergent such as Dawn.
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